Picasa Web Albums for The Mac

Upload photos to Picasa Web Albums using iPhoto 6
From the Google FAQ:

iPhotoMenu.png Google provides two products for getting your photos into Picasa Web Albums:
  • Picasa Web Albums Exporter for iPhoto, an iPhoto plug-in that lets you upload your photos directly from iPhoto. If you use iPhoto for managing your photos, this is all you'll need to get your photos to Picasa Web Albums.
  • Picasa Web Albums Uploader, a separate application for uploading photos. If you don't use iPhoto, or you prefer to use a separate program for uploading, this one is for you.

What is Picasa Web Albums Exporter for iPhoto?
Picasa Web Albums Exporter lives right inside iPhoto, in the File menu (iPhoto 6 and iPhoto 4) or the Share menu (iPhoto 5). Exporter is a plug-in, rather than a separate application. Using Exporter, you can
  • Fill your Picasa Web Albums with photos.
  • Create new albums and upload photos to them.
  • See how much storage you have available for web albums.

What is Picasa Web Albums Uploader?
Picasa Web Albums Uploader is a separate application for uploading your
photos. Because Uploader is a full application and has room to stretch out,
it provides some features that Exporter doesn't have:
  • Add photos (or folders of photos) that aren't in iPhoto.
  • Add captions to your photos.
  • Search your Mac for recently added photos.